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We have been instrumental in a number of success stories, individually, as leaders of projects in previous organisations and now as EHE Ventures. Two such examples where our involvement has been pivotal have resulted in two Global First’s in AI-tech

At EHE we’re all about Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs and that happens in many ways.

High in our repertoire is the ability to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market through funding support, C suite leadership, coaching, mentoring and MVP tech builds.

Our current shining stars are: PeppercornAI and Cliobooks.ai

The first is PeppercornAI, who, together with EHE’s support and financial acumen, have just completed a formal seed round investment of £3.25m. This includes EHE as existing investors, the Wealth Club and Angels Invest Wales – and which was heavily oversubscribed All of this will enable PeppercornAI to further develop its SaaS, B2B platform Pipr and increase their dominance as the World’s First Conversational AI platform specifically built for the insurance industry. By allowing digital conversations to take place via AI for the purchase and administration of car insurance, it is a win-win for consumers and insurance companies.

The insurance industry has barely changed since insurance started being sold online thirty years ago. Technology, specifically AI, has the potential to completely change the way consumers buy and manage their insurance policies and can also deliver significant benefits to providers at the same time.

However, as an industry that’s historically been slow to adopt technology, insurance providers are worried about keeping up with the pace in which AI is developing. That’s where PeppercornAI comes in. Our team of insurance experts has built and proven a new model that allows providers to unlock the benefits of the technology now, can be integrated seamlessly and quickly, and ensures their businesses aren’t left behind. My thanks for the continual support of EHE Ventures for making the raise so successful.

Nigel Lombard, CEO and Founder of PeppercornAi

To raise £3.25m in the current climate is a glowing testament to the strength of the PeppercornAI team and their mission to bring substantial efficiencies to administering insurance policies using their AI-powered platform, Pipr

Guy Remond – EHE Ventures

And the second, which has just launched in the market for the first time, is ClioBooks, the World’s first AI book writing and publishing platform, which has also been built by the team at thestartupfactory, the engineering team in the EHE Ventures. Again the collaboration between Clio’s founder Georgia Kirke, EHE’s co-founder Guy Remond and the team at The Startup Factory has enabled the tech build, funding and launch all to take place within nine months of inception.

Clio isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a beacon for aspiring and established authors who have stories to share with the world but are held back by the traditional methods of book production. I couldn’t have done it without the partnership with EHE Ventures and The Startup Factory . Their support; from financial to advisory, from their extensive network to their engineering and build agility has undoubtedly helped Clio get from the drawing board into reality.

Georgia Kirke, serial entrepreneur and founder of Cliobooks had praise for her collaboration with EHE

So whether it’s funding you need, high-level support and advisory services or an engineering team that lives in the AI space, then think EHE – Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs to create your World First in AI tech.

And if you are an investor and you want to share in World First success stories like Peppercorn and Clio then register here to find out more about our new AI-tech fund or get in touch directly with our team

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